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Thread: RTSP live stream out in MPEG-TS format with audio on 4.3.0. How?

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    Default RTSP live stream out in MPEG-TS format with audio on 4.3.0. How?

    Greetings. first time post.

    We have an RTMP live feed from wirecast to wowza 4.3.0. We need to generate an live RSTP feed in TS format with audio. I have tried to follow the steps in this link but I cant find the streams/properties in the application.xml file.

    This link is dated back in 2013 so I have to assume that parameters they are referencing are no longer used or differ in the 4.3.0 version.

    Has anyone managed to do this? forgive me if this is a silly question as I am new to this world and product.

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    You can add these properties the old fashioned way, by editing the applications Application.xml file as per the directions in that guide.

    Or, you can add the properties via the Manager UI.

    To add these properties thru the UI, take a look at this section of the guide:
    Enabling custom properties

    In the case of these RTP properties you will choose a Path of /Root/Application/RTP

    You will need to restart the application after making these changes.



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