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Thread: NVCUVID decoding with multiple cards

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    Default NVCUVID decoding with multiple cards

    Is it possible to assign NVCUVID decoding to a specific GPU in the same way as with NVENC?
    With NVENC, we are able to set the GPUID in the transcoder template to assign a transcode to a specific GPU, e.g. <GPUID>1</GPUID>.
    But that does not appear to work with NVCUID decoding; decoding is always done on GPU 0.

    Also, we are seeing CPU utilization drop when using NVCUVID, but only to about 2/3 the CPU used when decoding with software.
    E.g. a transcoding session that used 15% CPU with software decoding still uses about 10% CPU when decoding is set to NVCUVID.
    I'm guessing this means a significant portion of the decoding still has to be done with software when using NVCUVID.
    Is that correct?


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    This question was answered in support ticket (145801).

    For others viewing this thread, please find a summary below:
    Currently it's not currently possible to choose a specific GPU for decoding however I have sent a feature request to our backlog for review.
    By default the first GPU found (GPU ID: 0) will be used for decoding. A specific GPU can be chosen for encoding in the transcoding template.


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