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Thread: Startup streams monitor module for application

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    Question Startup streams monitor module for application

    Good afternoon!
    I need some help. We use this module ->

    for monitoring and auto start streams on our server. But sometimes we need to change some options in application config. After it we need to restart the application. But if we restart this application, all streams wouldn't start, because this module is config in Server.xml and we need to restart all Wowza Media server. It's not good. Please, could you advice, how can we config this module only for application and after some changes we could restart only this application (not all media server)? Thank you.

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    You can't re-start StartUpStreams without re-starting the Wowza server.



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    Good afternoon!
    Salvadore, I don't speak about /conf/StartupStreams.xml . This file on our server is empty! We use module that I wrote in the first message of the topic (

    It's monitoring some folder and if the .stream file create it publish on server.

    Ok, in /conf/Server.xml We add properies like in manual. But all streams files are publish on wowza, if i restart wowza server. And I asked, How can I config wowza, if I restart the application (for ex. application monitoring directory -> /content/ipcamera_files) all streams in this app restart too? Thank you.

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    Sorry, I misunderstood the original question.

    There is build-in way, at present, to restart the streams when the application is reloaded. You could develop a method to do so. Here is an example:
    Automatically restart a stream file after application restart

    If you need help with this, you can post a request to the find a consultant forum



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    Salvadore, thank you! We will try.

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