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Thread: Properties in ModuleRefererValidate not working

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    Default Properties in ModuleRefererValidate not working

    Hi, I forced with one issue setting up ModuleRefererValidate module.
    It has been enabled fine and I've got log messages about connection rejection. But when I changed refererValidateReferers property to add my IP address - I didn't get any changes! I tried to restart aimed application, restart Wowza as a whole, but it still prints in logs ModuleRefererValidate.checkSession ["my_ip_add": null]
    That's how I applied this property in my conf/myapp/Application.xml
    <!-- Properties defined here will be added to the IApplication.getProperties() and IApplicationInstance.getProperties() collections -->




    Is it right to put properties inside of the last application directive?

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    The refererValidateReferers property is the domain names or ip addresses of the web servers that will be serving player pages that connect to your server. It isn't the ip addresses that are allowed to connect.

    Do you actually have a web server on or


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