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Thread: create VoD or MediaCache clips

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    Default create VoD or MediaCache clips

    We have a VoD application streaming local files and recently a MediaCache application streaming from Amazon S3. Currently we have a way to generate clips from the VoD files using ffmpeg. However, having seen the recent addition of the ability to have Wowza create a clip from a DVR, I was wondering if there is an API to have Wowza create a clip from a VoD or more important to us, from a MediaCache based stream.

    Some background. We run nDVR for live events and record the stream for VoD viewing after the event. We save the recordings to S3 and keep them locally for 30 days. We provide a mean via our web app to create a clip from the VoD. We recent started using MediaCache to allow the viewing of VoDs older than 30 days. We have been asked if we can provide for the creation of clips from these old S3 based videos.

    If it is not currently possible, can I put in a feature request or ask for suggestions how this can be achieved.


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    I just noticed that ffmpeg can extract clips from an HLS stream with wowzaplaystart and wowzaplayduration so I'm all good to go.

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    Thanks for updating this post and for providing a solution. Glad you got this sorted.



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