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Thread: Multiple applications vs. multiple stream names

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    Default Multiple applications vs. multiple stream names


    We have been using wowza (version 3.x) for few years. Now we have made hw and sw upgrade to Streaming Engine (version 4.x) and at this point we can change our configuration.
    We are providing live streaming to many users (700+), that have in-direct access to our server (we are using REST API).
    Up to the present, every time user creates "new live stream", we create him new application. Which is very impractical, because we have a lot of applications and administration means a lot of searching.

    What is "the right way"?
    - One user, each stream new application?
    - One user, one application, each stream new stream name?
    - One application, each stream new stream name?

    Or maybe something else?

    We are also using (and providing to our users) transcoding and DVR option.

    What would be the best way to go? If you consider administration, monitoring and logging, performance, etc.


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    I would say that using a single application with unique stream names would be the best approach to this. If everyone is using nDVR then no issue is caused by this (figuring out who should have nDVR functionality and who shouldn't) but with transcoding, this is different. The transcoding of streams is CPU intensive and the encodes that Wowza Streaming Engine is creating should always be a lower bitrate and resolution than the source stream.

    The easiest way of doing this would be to enable the transcoder on the application, mark the "Match source stream name to template name" in the transcoder options and set the "Fallback Template" to <None>. This means that only when a transcoding template that matches that of the source stream is found, the stream will be transcoded. This allows each template to be unique to the source stream so that you're not trying to create a higher resolution/bitrate stream than the source using the transcoder and it means you can easily choose which streams will be transcoded.

    I believe having a smaller number of applications will make finding and managing streams easier.
    Please reference the transcoding article for further details.


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