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Thread: Audio is not being recorded

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    Default Audio is not being recorded

    I have this SDP in my wowza server, for receiving a stream

    o=- 0 3641250070 IN IP4 XX.XX.XX.XX
    s=Wowza Media Server
    c=IN IP4 XX.XX.XX.XX
    t=0 0
    m=audio 10000 RTP/AVP 0
    a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
    a=ssrc:3610129879 cname:user3527564912@host-d993365d
    m=video 10002 RTP/AVP 101
    a=rtpmap:101 H264/90000
    a=ssrc:276642451 cname:user3527564912@host-d993365d

    The stream is being received great(I can hear and I can watch it from rtmp://[my-wowza-ip]:1935/[app]/filename.sdp), but when I try to record it with Wowza, the generated .mp4 file has no audio.
    With .flv it works, but with .mp4 no.

    What can be happening?

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    It sounds like you are using an audio codex that is not supported by .mp4 container. Perhaps NellyMoser or Speex?

    If the audio is Speex, you can transcode it to AAC:
    How to set up a Flash application to publish H.264 video and Speex audio to Wowza Transcoder

    How to convert Flash Player 11 output from H.264 + Speex audio to H.264 + AAC audio using Wowza Transcoder

    Or maybe you can set the audio to AAC or MP3 at the source.



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