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Thread: Multicast Streaming problem

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    Default Multicast Streaming problem


    I have setup an application which receives an RTP stream and streams it out to my multicast network (, 1234). I am trying to receive the multicast stream thru vlc. The problem is that the stream I receive is garbled and all greyish. This is happening to all my vlc clients. When I monitor the application statistics, I see that the input is 2 Mbps and out is 250Kbps. When I watch the same stream thru wowza test client (adobe RTMP) it plays perfectly fine.

    How to solve this problem. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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    Do you see this same issue with a different encoding source, such as Wirecast?

    Is this stream being transcoded? If not, I would suggest enabling the transcoder using the default template transrate and see if the transcoded renditions look different.

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