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Thread: DASH Livestreaming with ServerSide Stream

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    Default DASH Livestreaming with ServerSide Stream


    i what to create a livestream on the serverside follwoing this Thread:

    Works fine. I switch the content of the livestream between VOD and Live using RTMP Player;

    Now I want to do this with a DASH client! Can someone provide me HOWTO publish a serverside stream (Mixed content between VOD and RTSP-Live *.stream file) using MPEG-DASH player.

    I was trying to use:
    LiveStreamPacketizerMPEGDash pack = new LiveStreamPacketizerMPEGDash();


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    You may want to review this module:

    Currently this module is only for Live sources, but you may be able to adjust the code to meet your needs, or use this in combination with the module you are already testing.

    If this module will not work for your customized workflow please let me know, and we can investigate other options.

    Jason Hatchett

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