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Thread: Streaming through Multiple Servers

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    I would like to let y'all know that I'm a beginner and what I'm sharing with you is just thoughts. So I was thinking of starting my own streaming server which will stream channels to android tv boxes. The streaming flow chart is as follow:

    The point is that this guy who will give me the streaming is someone in a foreign country and I don't trust him having any information about my customers. One more thing, he will use me if he knows I'm gonna re-stream his channels. I don't mind but I need to know the effects of streaming from my server on his server so that I can determine a reasonable price. The no of channels is around 500. So now I have some questions here:

    (1) What is the effect of server 4 on server 3? Is it gonna increase the traffic on his server or the streaming will be the same as if he is streaming to one of his customer's tv boxes?

    (2) Is there any side effects of this long cycle on my customers?


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    1. In the scenario you're describing, your server would typically make a single connection to the upstream provider and reproduce the stream as needed for your customers' set-top boxes. If the upstream provider is providing multiple transcoded stream renditions, then you may be making multiple connections to their server, one for each rendition produced.

    2. The effects could be a longer stream delay from the source and more potential for network/stream quality issues by increasing the network path between the encoder and the set-top boxes.

    If you're looking to re-stream around 500 channels, this will likely require multiple servers and a large amount of bandwidth available. If you're interested in a consultant to help design your workflow/infrastructure I would suggest posting a request for help in the "Find a Consultant" section of the forums.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your reply. For the connection between a set-top box and a server, there is one connection between the box and the server because the customer can only watch a single channel at a time but for the connection between downstream server and upstream server, there should be as many connections as the customers are demanding from the upstream server. Is this right?

    I'm gonna use the Find a Consultant section for sure, I think I really need it

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    To answer your question, if you're wanting to re-stream 500 different channels, your servers will need to be ingesting 500 streams.
    Setting up a multiple server deployment with 500 sources for a beginner may be difficult, a consultant is probably the best move.


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