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Thread: timestamps out-of-sequence problem with DATAVIDEO NVS-25 encoder

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    Unhappy timestamps out-of-sequence problem with DATAVIDEO NVS-25 encoder

    An rtmp stream published from our Datavideo NVS-25 encoders has out of sequence timestamps which absolutely plays havoc with anything that wants to repackage it such as WOWZA or Akamai. I created a temporary solution by injecting Telestream's Wirecast encoding software whereby I use it to connect to the encoder output and then use that as a source for a new encoding. Wirecast has this feature "ignore timestamps" and everything works well. Is there any such option in the WSE to do the same ?

    I have been waiting months for the firmware upgrade, just got the beta version and the problem is still there!!!

    Any help is would be greatly appreciated.

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    One thing you could do is try adding a sort buffer to Wowza Streaming Engine. If the packets are being sent with timestamps but they're arriving out of order this could help.

    Another option may be to use ffmpeg or vlc to ingest and ignore the timestamps then restream to Wowza Streaming Engine.

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    Thanks Andrew

    The problem is the latter. I have used Telestream's Wirecast encoder software to do what you suggested with ffmpeg and vlc with the ignore time stamps option. This works but it is not cheap as this version of the SW is about $1K ! so I will check out your recommendations. It would be very nice if WSE could have this capability, perhaps in their transcoding/transrating module. PLEASE.


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    Hi Fred,

    I will make sure to forward your suggestion to our Product Management team to see if we can add this as an enhancement to our core product. I cannot provide you with a timeframe, but do check back in our Software Updates page periodically to see if this request is included.


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