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Thread: Size and content of log files

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    Default Size and content of log files

    Dear Wowza Community,

    I want to ask you about your setting of the log files - especially the access-log files: I use mostly the standard configuration in the The problem is that the log files are very large (I do log rolling every week, log file size will be several 100 MB). So they aren't very manageable ...

    We use following fields: date,time,tz,x-event,x-category,x-severity,x-status,x-ctx,x-comment,x-vhost,x-app,x-appinst,x-duration,s-ip,s-port,s-uri,c-ip,c-proto,c-referrer,c-user-agent,c-client-id,cs-bytes,sc-bytes,x-stream-id,x-spos,cs-stream-bytes,sc-stream-bytes,x-sname,x-sname-query,x-file-name,x-file-ext,x-file-size,x-file-length,x-suri,x-suri-stem,x-suri-query,cs-uri-stem,cs-uri-query

    What's your experience with the file size of the log files: Which fields can be removed in your optinion? Is there any other possibility to reduce file size?

    thanks & with best regards


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    By default, the Wowza media server logs rollover daily but only if there's new activity.

    What do you have the log level set to? If set to DEBUG you might want to change this to INFO.

    You can comment out any or all of the appenders in the /conf/ file.

    And this guide explains how to limit the log files by size or a set time:
    How to configure log rolling by time and size



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    Quote Originally Posted by salvadore View Post
    What do you have the log level set to? If set to DEBUG you might want to change this to INFO.

    Dear Salvadore,

    thank you for your answer and the link to the guide.
    Log level is set to INFO.

    best regards, Anton

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    You are most welcome Anton. I hope this was helpful.



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