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Thread: Dash Live looks like DVR/VOD?

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    Default Dash Live looks like DVR/VOD?


    We had several Tests with MPEG/Dash
    It works really fine, but there is one thing:

    All Players we tried showed a slider

    either like a VOD File (a slider to shuffle forward)

    or, even stranger, like a DVR Stream (a slider to shuffle backward)

    The stream to test is

    Is there any way to overcome this behaviour?


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    Hi Robert,

    I think that's just a feature so to speak of some DASH players when presented with a live stream. I just set up a quick test using JWPlayer and your source and this created a player without any scrub bar at all. You could also edit the HTML to not show controls when hosting the player, e.g. using the examples we provide for Shaka Player.



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