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Thread: No "cupertino" load balancing when switched to new EC2 Server (WMS 2.2.4)

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    Exclamation No "cupertino" load balancing when switched to new EC2 Server (WMS 2.2.4)

    I know I'm late to the upgrade game, as this is a Wowza Media Server 2.2.4 item.

    I had an ORIGIN server running on Amazon EC2. I received a notification of degrading hardware, so I launched a new server and copied files over to the new server... swapped out the IP address, terminated the failing server, and all seemed to be running well. Over a dozen live streams, with auto-record, playing and load-balancing just fine across the ORIGIN and multiple EDGE instances.

    But... about a week ago, all "cupertino" load balancing streams stopped. Load Balancing through my Flash modules seem to operate without issue. But I can not longer get anything to playback on iOS devices (or ROKU)... unless they have a direct path to the ORIGIN. The ORIGIN is also set up as an EDGE, for regular 24/7 access when I don't have extra EDGE servers running. So... direct m3u8 to the ORIGIN is not a problem with an iPhone -- but sending that iPhone through the load balancer produces nothing.

    The church that I created this for just started using JWPlayer for Wednesday evenings... so all traffic through JWPlayer uses "cupertino" instead of RTMP... but I don't see how that could affect anything (they're not getting on the wowza server to change anything). So... the fault must be in something I did, or failed to do, when starting up the emergency replacement server. I know copy/pasting files from "conf" isn't always the best thing to do, but I was in a bind to get something else up and running.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I should be looking at? I know that's a horribly open-and-wild question, but my brain is pretty fried right now so I'm just looking for any clues/pointers/suggestions that might point me somewhere to double-check the files.

    Thanks! And sorry for posting an "old" server (2.2.4 - EC2) question on this 3.x forum.

    David L Good

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    We finally tracked down the problem to this issue, just in case anyone was curious. We store a lot of PHP scripts on a Web Hosting HUB server, and close to two weeks ago they disabled the ability for us to use GET scripts (still not sure why), so we changed up the PHP code and are back in business. No wonder this one had me pulling out my hair -- I was pouring over Wowza XML files for over a week trying to figure out what went wrong, when all along I was looking in the wrong place.

    David L Good

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    Thanks for the update on this post and glad to hear you sorted this out.



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