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Thread: Stream auth user based, disconnect specific users

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    Default Stream auth user based, disconnect specific users

    He all,

    Im building a webcam chat like
    i got my broadcaster and subscriber working but i need a phew things in it.

    1. i need to be able to show the user when a streamer goes private (some sort of user based check?)
    2. i want to validate each user before they get to see a stream , for example when they try to use the rtmp or other view url

    How can i best do this?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    For your second question you could use this module:
    How to modify or control a stream by overriding playback

    Not sure about your first question(don't quite understand the question).

    I might suggest you post a request to the find a consultant forum if you find yourself needing assistance setting this all up.



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    what would the rtmp url become when i use the wowza source security

    rtmpEndpoint = "rtmp://" + streamHost + "/red5prolive?doPublish=passhere";
    this didnt work

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    With regards to RTMP source security and passing credentials via query parameters, I have responded to your other forum post on this here.


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