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    Default Multiple channels: how to setup

    First I'm not a server guy, so I really appreciate your help!
    New to Wowza.
    I have a newly installed Wowza streaming engine on a single instance that i want to configure to carry 15 separate live streams.(do I need more instances?) I see the link for performance tuning. I couldn't find any reference to multiple channel setups in that document. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on MULTIPLE channel setups? I know how to configure a single incoming stream, Maybe I'm missing something very basic? Any help or suggestions are most welcome. a search turned up an old thread from 2012, but only referrals to performance tuning for a solution.

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    Hello there.

    Wowza supports multiple streams per instance, as well as multiple streams per application. You can publish those streams to one server application or to multiple applications depending on the way you wish to have your server configured.
    Have a look at the "How to set up live streaming using an RTMP-based encoder" forum article describing how to publish a stream to a Wowza server.

    Just understand that the number of incoming live streams is limited by cpu and memory, whereas playback is usually limited by bandwidth, throughput from the server. Make sure the server is well tuned also.



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