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Thread: "Broken frame packetizing" error with udp mpegts streaming

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    Default "Broken frame packetizing" error with udp mpegts streaming

    I have an application streaming mpegts packets over udp. I have set pkt_size=1316.

    If I directly receive the above udp mpegts stream in ffplay, it plays fine. (ffplay -i udp://[ServerAddress]:[Port])

    If I try to receive it through Wowza, I get lots of errors from ffplay "Broken frame packetizing", and a highly-interrupted output.

    I have configured a "Stream file" in Wowza for accepting this mpegts udp stream.

    My application gets encoded video frames and packetize using libavformat library functions (av_interleaved_write_frame). Anything wrong with my packetization?

    C:>ffplay rtmp://localhost:1935/live/
    Broken frame packetizing
    [h264 @ 0628cde0] SPS changed in the middle of the frame
    [h264 @ 0628cde0] decode_slice_header error

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    So that we can diagnose the structure of your incoming stream, it would be best if you take a recording of the incoming MPEG-TS stream in Wowza. Run the recording for about 5-10 minutes, and send the resulting ts segment file, along with the conf/ and logs/ folders from your Wowza installation, to support using the ticket submission form.


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