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Thread: Regarding the Wowza Module Collection and specifically VHostListenerAkamaiValidate

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    Unhappy Regarding the Wowza Module Collection and specifically VHostListenerAkamaiValidate

    Hello there

    We have the Wowza 4.1 perpetual license edition and we are stuck with enabling VHostListenerAkamaiValidate.

    We downloaded the Wowza Module Collection and we pasted wms-plugin-collection.jar to the installdirectory/lib

    Then we edited the installdirectory/conf/server.xml to include :

    We also modified the [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml file so to set a default custom HTTP response code (403) as required for the VHostListenerAkamaiValidate to operate properly.

    Finally, we restarted the software service on the server, as well as the engine manager service

    Now we are stuck at the engine manager -> server - > Virtual Host Setup

    We were sent the following details from AKAMAI to use on the server (I hid the secret and the nonce)

    Clear Data Header Name: X-Akamai-G2O-Auth-Data
    Encrypted Data Header Name: X-Akamai-G2O-Auth-Sign
    Encryption Algorithm Version: SHA256-HMAC
    Signed String Type: Forwarded URL
    So now do I have to create a new virtual host or do I edit the default one (_defaultVHost_)?

    Also, from what I understand, I should "Add Custom Property" and add the following:

    NAME: akamaiValidatorAuthType TYPE:string VALUE: signature
    NAME: akamaiValidatorAuthDataHeader TYPE:string VALUE: X-Akamai-G2O-Auth-Data
    NAME: akamaiValidatorAuthSignHeader TYPE:string VALUE: X-Akamai-G2O-Auth-Sign
    NAME: akamaiValidatorAuthSecret TYPE:string VALUE: secret
    NAME: akamaiValidatorAuthNonceSecrets TYPE:string VALUE: nonce

    Is this right or am I missing something?

    Thanks for your time

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    This is now being handled in the created ticket (163674).


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