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Thread: Live HLS Transcoding Problem

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    Angry Live HLS Transcoding Problem

    Hello All,

    My HW parameters are:
    windows 7 - 64 bit, CPU: quad core Xeon X3210@2.13GHz, 4Gb of RAM, 700Gb HDD without raid, Java JRE 8.74, GPU: ATI ES1000.

    I have a trial license for Wowza and I want the following configuration:

    input: UDP MPEG-TS multicast coming from a Live broadcast third party encoder
    output: Live HLS ABR with default profiles
    publishing point: CDN server outside my network without encryption

    Whatever I do, I cannot start the HLS transcoding. In Server Stream Files I have configured the input UDP multicast, I have also checked it with TS analyzer and I see the input bitrate in the monitoring view. I have connected it to the Live HLS application and have enabled the transcoder. In incoming stream the status of the UDP multicast is active but in the monitoring Overview I don't see any in/out traffic. I have also noticed that every time when I restart the server the input traffic is ceasing.

    So I guess I am missing something, the problem is that I don't know what exactly. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like your incoming MPEG-TS stream may not be getting received in your Wowza server correctly. Do you see any reset connections or doWatchdog lines in your conf/wowzastreamingengine_access.log file? While you have transcoding disabled, are you able to play back the passthru stream using a different protocol (such as RTMP)?

    I would also recommend that you first test with a different encoder. You can test with ffmpeg to send an MPEG-TS stream to your Wowza server to see if the transcoding functionality is working for you.


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