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Thread: Getting Started WOWZA and JWPlayer

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    Default Getting Started WOWZA and JWPlayer

    First, am totally new at this. Second, have my video stream from IP camera showing in Test Player as /live/ Third I copied the JW player files to my browser and now fourth want to get this video stream to display in JW Player on our web server and therein lies the problem. WOWZA is on and the web server is on and lies behind a router where public HHTP calls are NATd thru to it. I don't understand what it means when WOWZA asks for Destination Application Name and Destination Application Instance, when the Destination is my web browser and there really is no application installed. Conversely I set JWPlayer to point back to my WOWZA server to what I think I set up as Dispatch.rtmp, but nothing. Just javascript errors. Any help welcomed

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    We have received your ticket and will be responding to ticket #163511

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