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Thread: How to Using Multicast vie RTSP using PushPublish modular

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    Default How to Using Multicast vie RTSP using PushPublish modular

    I configured pushpublish modular to restream a wowza stream to other CDN systems.
    I've successed configuring a MPEGTS vie udp multicast stream, using this setting in PushPublishMap.txt:{profile:"mpegts", streamName:"", host:"", port:10000, rtpWrap:false}
    And I can play in VLC using udp://@ . It is a multicast stream.

    I've failed to configure a native RTSP stream using multicast stream.
    Setting in PushPublishMap.txt is:{profile:"rtp", streamName:"myStreamRTP", host:"", videoPort:10002, audioPort:10004}.
    The 100.steam is correct and can be played using this address:rtsp://IP:1935/dvr/_definst_/ .
    There is a SDP file generated in forlder applications\dvr\sdp named 100.stream_destination.sdp. And VLC can play this SDP file.
    But VLC cannot play any address like this:

    How can I play a rtsp stream using multicast?

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    RTSP is not used for multicast in that sense. You could enter an RTSP URL to point to the Wowza stream that is active in the application, e.g. rtsp://IP:1935/live/myStream, but that isn't used to point to the multicast stream target. The example you provided using udp://@ would be used for playing the multicast stream target.


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