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Thread: incorporating youstream and youtube broadcasts in a wowza application

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    Default incorporating youstream and youtube broadcasts in a wowza application

    We have customers who for various reasons prefer youtube or youstream (usually because those broadcasters have a better broadcast interface - we use FMLE).

    We want to include their iframes alongside wowza broadcasts with a viewer count like our wowza streams have.

    At present from our office we send a small 20kbps stream to the server so their channel name appears in the wowza stream list, and wowza starts giving it a viewer count - and the client checks a stream info file to see if it is to play an iFrame over the wowza stream.

    Of course the count ignores what the viewer numbers are on uStream, youtube etc.

    I would prefer not to have to send a stream from the office every time this happens, but have the wowza server send a tiny stream when requested. It can start a tiny stream when requested with a particular name, and as people connect to it, the count updates as with our wowza streams?

    Is this possible? Can we have the wowza server send itself a stream?

    Thank you.
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    For this to happen automatically or via a trigger I would suspect that you would need to do this programatically, so you may want to ask on the developer forums. Outside of the programming sphere it's certainly feasible to create a stream file that itself contains a link to an active Wowza stream, e.g. rtsp://[wowza-ip]:1935/live/myStream.


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