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Thread: wowza4.4.1: getStartTimecode() & getMaxTimecode()

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    Default wowza4.4.1: getStartTimecode() & getMaxTimecode()


    I am trying to find a duration of the stream for rtmp and hls.

    I see that the

    returns a duration of the stream. (possibly rtmp? if the incoming stream is rmtp)


    for each TsChunk's start time in milliseconds duration from the first ts chunk(0)

    My question are,

    1. is this two timeCode are synced?
    (I understand that there is a delay between the two but are they counted in the same way based on the same stream? or counted individually?)

    2. it looks like
    might be just a sum of each ts's duration... is it a sum of the ts chunk's duration or the actual timecode

    Thank you

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    Hello Oli

    1) These two are not synced, and the answer to number 2 covers the reason for that.

    2) The LiveStreamPacketizerCupertinoChunk.getStartTimecode() returns the sum of each ts file's duration in milliseconds.

    Jason Hatchett

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