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Thread: re-stream IP camera issue

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    Default re-stream IP camera issue


    I'm trying to re-stream a rtsp from a IP camera, it works on the vlc but not on wowza, the rtsp is

    Can you let me know why it is not working on our wowza? It seems it works on Wowza Streaming Cloud.

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    Hello there.

    In VLC take a look at Tools > Codec info. Is there two sets of audio and video info? That indicates that UDP ports are blocked or not mapped properly. VLC is able to failover from UDP to TCP, and that is why you see two audio and two video blocks in that case. However many Android and other devices use UDP and are not able to failover.

    What player are you testing playback in? What are the codec details of the stream?

    Make sure you are following this guide:
    How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)

    If following the above guide, you would need to use a stream name like "" in your playback URL.

    Lastly you can review the troubleshooting guide:
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback



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    But I disabled the firewall. would not this have solved the issue of the UDP ports?

    I was using the jwplayer.


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    Hello, there is still more information needed from my first reply.

    Also, can you start Wowza in stand-alone mode [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat| and see if there is any indication of the error in the logs?



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    The customer disabled the IP camera.

    Thank you Salvadore.

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    Thank you for the update.


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