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Thread: Dynamic server-side playlist for Live stream with cc

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    Question Dynamic server-side playlist for Live stream with cc


    My goal is to create a looping pseudo-live stream based on a dynamic playlist of video files (with captioning). The resulting stream needs to be multibitrate HLS. I'm currently accomplishing this using an external streamer which generates the required renditions and delivers them to wowza via rtmp, but playlist updates are not dynamic. Based on my searches, I see wowza is natively capable of doing what I need using the Transcoder, ModuleStreamPublisher and ServerListenerStreamPublisher. I would like to know if anybody has come up with a user friendly app (or front end) which allows for dynamic playlist functionality using the above mentioned modules. Based on forum posts I see a lot of people interested in a similar solution. In my scenario I would like the app to be capable of submitting the playlist to two or more wowza servers so they run relatively in sync.

    I found a post that suggested that previous versions of the transcoder stripped closed captioning - not sure if that has been fixed.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hello Mike,

    I do believe that Wowza Streaming Engine is capable of delivering to meet your needs for your workflow, however their is not a "Frontend" available at this time through the modules that we currently offer.

    I do want to point out this module:

    You may be able to use this module in conjunction with the ones you have already mentioned, it would take some custom development but if you adjusted the code for this module to play a playlist in a loop and add in a "watch function" that would check for changes to the playlist file on each loop or on a timed interval, and you scripted the updating of the playlist with a watch of a specific directory, you could achieve the workflow that you have described as I understand it.

    If this level of development is out of reach for you at the moment (this is beyond my personal skill set currently) then you can post in the new Find a Consultant forum to locate someone that could assist you in creating the necessary module to achieve your desired workflow.

    Jason Hatchett

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