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    Hey Guys
    I'm currently recording my livestream as mp4 files in the content-folder. Every 20 seconds it splits, so there are many many video files.
    But now I want to create an On Demand Stream and play those files back.
    When I go to the vod-Application and "test players" i can play single 20 seconds videos back.
    But I want to make it that I just give the starting point like "stream07.04.2016_08:32:21.mp4" and from that file it just plays on and on until the user stops the stream.
    Is there a way to do that? How?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You can set up a playlist of the recorded files you want to stream and use this schedular to publish them in succession:
    How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine (ServerListenerStreamPublisher)



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    I've read about this already but I'm not sure if this is what I need.
    In my understanding the schedule streaming is for making like an tv-show where as example at 16:30 video1, video2 and video3 are player and 20:00 video 4 or something.
    But I want to play the right videos on demand, when they are requested. I got no problem with playing back one mp4 file, but the problem is that there are thousands of it and they should be played like a fluid video. So is the schedule streaming what I need? Sorry I'm very new to all this :/

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    Okay this is how I imagine it:
    When the user comes to the website and enters the date&time, a smil file is auto generated. A playlist with schedule=now is in it, which contains maybe the next 100 videos from the time given, I am able to get those videos and put them in there. So the SMIL would maybe (auto generated) look like this:
    <playlist playonstream="stream1" scheduled="now">
    <video src="stream1_08.04.2016_00:00:00.mp4 start="0" length="20">
    <video src="stream1_08.04.2016_00:00:20.mp4 start="20" length="20">
    Would that be correct?
    But I still got two problems here:
    1. The Website would lie on the HTTP-Server which is a completly different to the linux-Server where Wowza is installed. So I cant put the php-auto-generated file to the wowza-Server.
    But I could maybe solve that by writing a linux-program that generates the file which I try to call from the php-file.
    2. Usually in my JWPlayer as file attribute I set something like "..../content/blablavideo.mp4". What would I use now? The Path to the SMIL-File?

    Thanks for your help and sorry for the 2 Threads, lets just use this one.

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    JW Player does not use the server-side smil. JW Player uses a local .smil. You can leverage the server-side smil for JW Player 6:
    How to use JW Player with adaptive bitrate streaming from Wowza Streaming Engine

    You can find an example here

    You may consider the nDVR Playlist Request API for use in the future:
    How to use Wowza nDVR Playlist Request API



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    Oh okay! Thanks! So if JW Player uses a local .smil, and JWPlayer runs on the http server I can just auto-generate the .smil on request and play it? Is it that easy?
    Of course I would need to add the videoserver-ip to the src in the .smil then like this: src="123.32.12:1935/content/stream1_08.04.2016_18:26:00".
    Is everything right with this idea now?

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    Yes, JWPlayer runs on your web server but how it is configured to use playists is really outside of our support remit. As Salvadore said, you may want to investigate Wowza nDVR and playlist delegates. The benefit of this is that the streams are 'live' rather than vod so a client can request a particular part of the stream via the delegate (e.g. setting a start point to stream from via the wowzadvrplayliststart query parameter) and the stream will begin as a live stream from that point until the end of the DVR store window (or a point defined via a wowzadvrplaylistend or wowzaplaylistduration query parameter). This DVR window can be up to 30 hours in length.


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    That seems like exactly what I want. But is it working with 24/7 streaming?If it saves the Stream in one file it would get bigger and then you got a 100 terrabytes big file which is not that nice.
    EDIT: Just found out you can use segmentation. I will give it a try, thanks!
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