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    Default OpenSource Wowza Server SDK on


    I just have created a small OpenSource project stored on Github, this is related to a open SDK writen in PHP, Python and .Net to be able to create simpler streaming apps.

    The first version includes, for now only the PHP version.


    - Create plain live application.
    - Create secured live application.
    - Delete live application.
    - Delete all live applications.
    - Get live applications list.
    - Get live application configuration.

    In the PHP version is also integrated a complete example of using an HTML5 open player and web application to do the upstream and the downstream of the video/audio signal.

    The project URL is

    Just wanted to see if the are other users who wants to be involved with the project, I think this way we will boost our streaming projects using.. The best streaming platform..


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    Thank you for sharing and reaching out to the Wowza developer community. Note that we also have a Developer Showcase forum to highlight Wowza API or SDK projects.


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    Lisa_W may I ask please
    how do I implement this...
    I need EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE:EVENT to show up in my live event chunklist for HLS nDVR

    Added HTTPStreamer/Property string properties to add EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE header Apple HLS chunklists

    cupertinoDVRPlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for nDVR playlists
    cupertinoLivePlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for live playlists
    cupertinoVODPlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for VOD playlists

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    You can add those properties to HTTP Streamer / Properties in your Application.xml, e.g.



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