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Thread: Mpeg Dash and DVR. Embedded caption support.

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    Default Mpeg Dash and DVR. Embedded caption support.

    Hi I just tested Mpeg Dash with DVR and it only seems to be working with the live application is that correct ?

    Also is there a way to get embedded captions working like with HLS ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by electroteque View Post
    Hi I just tested Mpeg Dash with DVR and it only seems to be working with the live application is that correct ?
    You are correct, DVR is only functional with live applications, but you can set a player to start at a specific point in an on demand file and allow "scrubbing", but this is player dependent.

    There is an internal feature request for Closed Captioning with MPEG-DASH, to be created as a future enhancement, and this has been forwarded to our Product Manager for consideration to be added to the core product. I added your request as an "up vote" for this feature request. Though do note that there is no definitive timeframe as to when we will support these new features. Please do check back in periodically to our Software Updates page to see if your feature request has been deployed.

    J. Hatchett

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    Hi mate sorry I was a little confusing. Dash is not working when publishing to DVR as I was going to test out DVR to the player. There is no manifest available. I can only get it working on the live application.

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    "Wowza nDVR doesn't support HTTP playback of recorded streams using the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol."

    Doesn't seem like its possible.

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    Thank you for the clarification.

    Unfortunately, Wowza nDVR does not currently support MPEG-DASH. Support for MPEG-DASH is on our nDVR roadmap, and our team is actively working on this, but I can not say at this time when this will be made available.

    Currently, the only workaround is to provide DVR support for the other HTTP streaming protocols (HLS, Smooth, and HDS). You can also opt to record your live streams and provide the recording as a VOD stream instead.

    I will make sure to forward your comments to our team. Do check back in periodically in our Software Updates page as to when it becomes available.


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    That is ok not a problem. I'm just testing what is possible for a dash player to get DVR functions working and supported with wowza. Live streaming is fine.

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