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Thread: How to protect playback of separate groups of files from the same VOD application?

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    Default How to protect playback of separate groups of files from the same VOD application?

    Hello everybody.

    I know Wowza Streaming Engine supports token protection for each VOD application. Though I need to protect each groups of files (maybe in subfolders) of the same VOD application with its own different token. Is there a way to achieve this on Wowza, maybe with some existing module, or do I have to write my own module?

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    If using Secure Token (v2) then the hash includes the stream name, e.g.the file sample.mp4 played back in the 'vod' application

    PHP Code:
    $stream "vod/_definst_/mp4:sample.mp4";
    $start time();
    $end strtotime("+30 minutes");
    $secret "abcde";
    $tokenName "wowzatoken"
    Hash calculation made by playback client:

    PHP Code:
    $hash hash('sha384'$stream."?".$secret."&{$tokenName}endtime=".$end."&{$tokenName}starttime=".$starttrue); 

    So the hash should be unique for each stream. You would just need to amend the $stream value for each stream you request. If your files are in sub-folders under the defined storage dir then that can be included in the $stream, e.g.

     $stream = "vod/myfolder/mp4:sample.mp4";

    We have a sample PHP script that can be used as a basis for calculating and optionally playing embedding a player for secure token streams. Feel free to request it if required.


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