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Thread: What technologies should I use to build a live video streaming website like

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    Default What technologies should I use to build a live video streaming website like

    Hi, I could really use advice on what technologies (CDNs, CMSs, frameworks, streaming/media servers, video players (flash/html5), etc.) to use to build a site similar to (live video streaming with group and individual-to-individual text chat, ideally extensible to more advanced interaction (with as low latency as possible) between viewers and streamers), that enables viewers to easily give money to streamers, has user accounts (enabling things like the ability to follow streamers, receive notifications, customize their profile, etc.)), makes it easy for users to browse and discover streams, and is scalable. Heh, no big deal right?

    I am not a very experienced developer (though Im willing to learn what it takes) so it might be best for me to first use tech that makes it faster and easier to get out a minimum viable product and then transition/migrate to something more customizable. Im considering using Wowza, AWS and WordPress but am unsure if those would hinder longer term performance/flexibility/extensibility. Im also concerned about choosing technologies that would be the most interesting for future developers I might hire to work on (so theyd be excited to join my team). Ive done some research but wanted to hear from people who might have actual experience using some of the technologies required to implement a site like this. I know its a lot to ask, but any advice you can give (including the reason you recommend particular tech) would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    A platform like would mean that you are looking into a workflow with multiple publishers to multiple viewers. If so, then you should look into technologies that can leverage scalability and load balancing. There are also multiple options to send your stream to CDNs. For the text chat portion, we do have a flash-based example application that you can try out. However, since it is Flash-based, it may not work on platforms that are not Flash-enabled.


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