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Thread: Confused on services you offer

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    Default Confused on services you offer

    Hello, I'm looking for some clarity on what services you offer.

    I have a kworld USB ATSC dvb tuner with an antenna attached to pickup some OTA channels. Can I use your program to convert the stream to an h.264 format m3u8/ts files for which I can then upload them to an external FTP server so I can access the channel/stream outside my home? Thx

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    It's likely you could accomplish your goals using Wowza Streaming Engine and a free encoder such as FFMPEG. Using FFMPEG on the server that has the dvb tuner, you should be able to pull the OTA video/audio into FFMPEG and push it via RTMP or RTSP to Wowza Streaming Engine for ingest. Then Wowza Streaming Engine can be used, instead of a FTP server, for redistribution of the stream via Live HLS or as recorded .mp4 files for on-demand distribution using Wowza Streaming Engine.

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    As a follow up, Wowza takes issues of intellectual property infringement seriously. Please ensure you have the legal right to obtain, embed, and stream content before you stream such content. As provided in the Wowza Streaming Engine software license agreements and Wowza Streaming Cloud service terms of use, you are not permitted to use Wowza software or services to stream content for which you do not have the valid legal right to stream. It is a violation of your license from Wowza to use Wowza software to stream content for which you do not have the right to stream. If you have any questions about whether you have the right to obtain, embed, or stream specific content, please consult your attorney or legal counsel.



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