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Thread: Can i use webm files in dash manifest without transcoder?

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    Default Can i use webm files in dash manifest without transcoder?


    I want to use webm files in my manifest for vod streaming without transcoder.When i request the manifest with http://domainname:1935/vod/smil:gm.smil/manifest.mpd
    I get the "java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov' atom" error in logs. I don't have any problem with MP4 dash. Is webm dash without transcoding unsupported in Wowza? Thanks
    The SMIL file is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <smil title="Test SMIL for VOD">
    <video height="144" src="gar256_144_crf40.webm" systemLanguage="eng" width="256">
    <param name="videoBitrate" value="273000" valuetype="data"></param>
    <param name="audioBitrate" value="96000" valuetype="data"></param>
    <video height="243" src="gar432_243_crf40.webm" systemLanguage="eng" width="432">
    <param name="videoBitrate" value="446000" valuetype="data"></param>
    <param name="audioBitrate" value="96000" valuetype="data"></param>
    <video height="360" src="gar640_360_crf40.webm" systemLanguage="eng" width="640">
    <param name="videoBitrate" value="618000" valuetype="data"></param>
    <param name="audioBitrate" value="96000" valuetype="data"></param>



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    At this time, only live applications in Wowza Streaming Engine can ingest WebM-encoded source streams or you can transcode an H.264-encoded source stream to the WebM format. The feature on WebM on demand playback has not yet been added to Wowza Streaming Engine.


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