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Thread: Azure CDN with http origin mode enabled

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    Default Azure CDN with http origin mode enabled

    Has anyone tested or certified using Azure CDN to front Wowza servers to deliver both http and https streaming - HLS/HDS? I know that we can front Wowza with Amazon CloudFront's standard http(s) CDN, but I'm looking to do the same but for Azure CDN.


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    The HTTP Origin functionality isn't specifically for CloudFront and works with other scenarios as Wowza Streaming Engine just sees the client.
    A web server can cache the chunks from the HTTP Origin application so if Azure allows this then theoretically it will work the same.

    You'd need to set this to test it but you'll need a purchased license as the HTTP Origin functionality isn't available with a Trail or Developer license.
    How to configure a Wowza server as an HTTP caching origin


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    Ok I will perform some tests using Azure CDN fronting a Wowza server with httpOriginMode and get back here with results.

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