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Thread: onSplitRecord is not called by recording manager during segmentation

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    Default onSplitRecord is not called by recording manager during segmentation

    We're facing a problem relating segmented recordings.
    We decided to launch a recording specifying a time segmentation and we've implemented a ILiveStreamRecordManagerActionNotify class binded to the recording events.
    When we try to start, stop or split manually the recording the interface works at all, but we need to get every split time also when the video file is segmented by the recording manager. The event onSplitRecord doesn't seem to be binded to the recording manager split automation.
    Is there a workaround to call the event? We resolved implementing the IStreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate and checking the recording time during getFilename, but it looks like an hack to us.

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    Do please send a support request as a developer ticket, and include your source code so that we can replicate this.


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