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Thread: Issue with GOP length

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    Lightbulb Issue with GOP length


    We have configured the KeyFrameInterval in transcoder template (xml file) to 15.
                                            <!-- H.264, H.263, PassThru, Disable -->
                                            <!-- default, QuickSync, CUDA, NVENC -->
                                                    <!-- letterbox, fit-width, fit-height, crop, stretch, match-source -->
                                                    <!-- <Crop>0,0,0,0</Crop> -->
                                                    <!-- <SourceRectangle>0,0,320,240</SourceRectangle> -->
                                            <!-- baseline, main, high -->
                                            <!-- AAC, PassThru, Disable -->
    However in the logs below i see the gop length to be infinite

    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] JNI:TranscoderSession.videoEncoderAdd[_defaultVHost_:live/_definst_/a2m_32479_64920_content:720p]: Create video encoder: H.264: NVENC
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] TranscoderWorkerVideoEncoder.setupEncoder[_defaultVHost_:live/_definst_/a2m_32479_64920_content:720p]: Video encoding parameters
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: preset: 0=default, 1=vc, 2=widi, 3=hp, 4=hq, 5=camera, 6=bd, 7=avchd, 8=ipod, 9=psp, 10=game-capture, 11=game-720p60, 12=game-720p30, 13=desktop, 14=mvc-stereo
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.preset: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: profile: 66=baseline, 77=main, 100=high
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.profile: 77
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: level
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.level: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: rateControl: 0=constqp, 1=vbr, 2=cbr, 4=vbr-minqp, 8=twopass-cbr
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.rateControl: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: avgBitRate: average bitrate (bits per second)
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.avgBitRate: 400000
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: peakBitRate: peak bitrate (bits per second)
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.peakBitRate: 440000
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: vbvBufferSize
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.vbvBufferSize: 400000
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: vbvInitialDelay
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.vbvInitialDelay: 200000
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: enableInitialRCQP
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.enableInitialRCQP: 1
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: qpIntra
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.qpIntra: 28
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: qpInterP
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.qpInterP: 28
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: qpInterB
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] nvenc.qpInterB: 34
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.042Z] # long: gopLength: infinite: 4294967295 (0xffffffff)
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.gopLength: 4294967295
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: mvPrecision: 1=full, 2=half, 3=quarter
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.mvPrecision: 3
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: numSlices
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.numSlices: 1
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: FieldEncoding
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.fieldEncoding: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: bottomFieldFrist
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.bottomFieldFrist: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: numBFrames
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.numBFrames: 0
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: enablePTD
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.enablePTD: 1
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: syncMode
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.syncMode: 1
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] # long: useMappedResources
    [2016-04-28T06:29:20.043Z] nvenc.useMappedResources: 0
    Shouldn't the GOP length reflect the KeyFrameInterval of 15?

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    Any update?

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    Hello Rakshith,

    Can you add the following parameter within each <Encode> - <Parameters> block in your transcoder file:

    Then restart your streams and retest.

    Jason Hatchett

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