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Thread: RTMPT Random Connection drops

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    Default RTMPT Random Connection drops

    Hi, I have developed a teleconferencing application for a client, using custom flash players.
    The custom flash players broadcast 1 stream and subscribe to 2 other streams - one of which is existing video streaming, while the other 2 are live. When I use RTMP everything works smoothly. However, the client has requested RTMPT fallback when clients are behind a proxy.

    The problem is that disconnects with RTMPT are very frequent (and implementing re-connections in this business case are not a viable option). So usually one of all these streams drops during a "session" - probably like 1 disconnect every 7-8 mins.
    I have observed the same issue with other players like VideoJS and

    Things that seem to increase the frequency are:
    - Available bandwidth
    - Network load (on non business hours frequency seems to drop).
    - Quality of streamed content

    As far as architecture goes only a firewall sits in front of the server, I have opened the relevant ports and implemented pass-through for these TCP packets.

    Any ideas? Is this just a shortcoming of the RTMPT protocol that I have to live with and just rely on the grace of the network gods?

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    RTMPT can incur overhead and is not recommended for efficient streaming so if at all possible I would use the non-tunnelled equivalents. Having said that, the connection should not just drop like that so there may be some other network or environmentally related things going on. We would need to take a closer look at your config and logs to see if anything specifically Wowza related is happening, so feel free to open a support ticket if you wish, and include a link to this thread for reference.


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