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Thread: Connections per instance in Wowza Admin

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    Default Connections per instance in Wowza Admin

    Hi I was wondering in Wowza admin if there is a setting or dropdown to show connections per application instance rather than a tally on the whole application ?

    let me know thanks

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    In Wowza Streaming Engine Manager under Applications / [Application] / Monitoring this will show you the connections per "Application". If you're looking for per-stream statistics, you can look in Application / [Application] / Incoming Streams and this will give you some basic connection statistics on a per-protocol basis.

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    Incoming streams seems to be for publishing streams only. Its not for subscribing streams on the edge server.

    I mean application instances like /live/appinstance . It seems to be a total only on the whole app in the console. The app instance is a unique identifier per stream.

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    The free ModuleLimitStreamViewers available in the Wowza Modules Collection allows you to limit connections on a per-stream or per-application basis. I believe this is what you're looking for.

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