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Thread: Closed captioning a live stream for a private Roku channel.

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    Default Closed captioning a live stream for a private Roku channel.

    Our university uses the Wowza Streaming Engine 4.(?) and an EEG HD-491 closed caption encoder for live streaming. I am not the Wowza admin, but I have been tasked with creating a private Roku channel for live streaming of our graduation ceremonies. Everything on the Roku channel appears to be working except the closed captioning. I am not sure what CEA-608 subtitle track I should choose to display the captions from the Wowza on the Roku channel. According to the Wowza CC tutorial, if the ingested CEA-608 track number to the Wowza is not specified, the track defaults to 99. Is this true of the output as well? If not, is there a way to find what the CEA-608 subtitle/captioning track for the output of the Wowza is without resorting to trial and error?

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    It should default on 99 on the output as well if not specified.

    It can be set within the ModuleCEA608ToOnTextData module:


    Article for more info on setting this up for CC for Live Streaming.


    Jason Tuchler
    Wowza Media Systems Support

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    Thank you.

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