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Thread: Need best video share solution for Joomla!

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    Default Need best video share solution for Joomla!

    I want to embed my videos which is at all formats to my site!!! So, I need a best video share software!!!! Any suggestion is highly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    You can serve players from your web site. You can do authentication through a Flash RTMP player or HTTPProvider. If you have already handled authentication in your web site, you can get HTTP cookies from the html container of a Flash RTMP client with Actionscript ExternalInterface API. Either way, you can pass credentials or token in NetConnection and handle server-side in onConnect. For example:
    How to do file-based authentication with RTMP client and credentials in querystring of the RTMP URL (ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2)



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