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Thread: Per Instance connection stats on the REST API

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    Default Per Instance connection stats on the REST API

    Hi there I made a question before in regards to not being able to see per instance connection stats.

    I tried to test out the REST api to see if it can filter for instance connections and its just application wide like the admin


    curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_de...toring/current

    I found this HTTP provider, but its a pretty big XML body and it can't filter for just the instance.


    Can the REST api have a filter path added to it or can it be customised to do so ?

    Do I need to make a custom http provider up instead ?

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    I think the connectioncounts HTTP Provider should work. You can add the ?flat query parameter to flatten out the XML, e.g.

    <Stream vhostName="_defaultVHost_" applicationName="live" appInstanceName="myinst" streamName="" sessionsFlash="0" sessionsCupertino="1" sessionsSanJose="0" sessionsSmooth="0" sessionsRTSP="0" sessionsMPEGDash="0" sessionsTotal="1"/>
    <Stream vhostName="_defaultVHost_" applicationName="live" appInstanceName="_definst_" streamName="" sessionsFlash="0" sessionsCupertino="0" sessionsSanJose="0" sessionsSmooth="0" sessionsRTSP="0" sessionsMPEGDash="0" sessionsTotal="0"/>
    The source code is available here for you to modify if needed.


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