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Thread: Out of box VOD front end

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    Question Out of box VOD front end

    We have a Wowza 4.4.0 installation successfully integrated with another commercial product for VOD catalog and playback. The product is very cumbersome and doesn't meet our needs. Can anyone provide out of the box applications to act as a VOD front end and use Wowza to stream the content? We're currently looking into Kaltura MediaSpace, but it doesn't seem to be as compatible with Wowza as were lead to believe. We don't have developers to spend time customizing code to meet our needs and would like something that simulates the youtube experience that fully integrates with Wowza. Thanks

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    We don't have any particular recommendations ourselves but hopefully other customers may chip in. You could also ask this question on the find a consultant forum if you don't have in-house development resources.


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