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Thread: Simple issue ?! GoCoder on Kindle Fire

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    Default Simple issue ?! GoCoder on Kindle Fire

    Good day.

    I'm using a kindle fire with Go Coder to stream our content .. and presently, i can stream my content without any issue .. except one.

    I would like to monitor what is being streamed to the platform and for this i need to login to a webpage to view the content and the comments being posted by other people viewing the content. As soon as I minimize Go Coder to bring up Chrome, Go Coder stops streaming.

    Any ideas what the issue is ? I'm pretty sure it's NOT Go Coder but .. im sort of stuck as to where to start to look or even if what i'm thinking is something feasable on the kindle fire.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Hello there and welcome to the wowza support forum. I would suggest using a second device, laptop or otherwise, to monitor the stream activity. If this is at all possible.



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