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Thread: Error handling after stream is live - iOS SDK

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    Question Error handling after stream is live - iOS SDK

    This is only an iOS issue for right now. I've searched in the forums and the docs and I can't seem to find a real answer.

    My issue is error handling once the user is Live. The original bug was filed, but we aren't 100% sure what actually went wrong. I am using the following steps to reproduce similar issue:

    Steps I am using to reproduce:
    1. Go Live
    2. Turn on airplane mode

    Actual Result: The only error I am getting (after 10 or so seconds) is that the stream is Idle. The status.error is returning nil. So the SDK is not really giving me an error.

    Right now I am using -(void) onWZErrorWZStatus *) goCoderStatus {} to check to the error.

    I am looking for a better solution. The original bug is not certain that the user actually lost connection.
    Is there a better way to get better errors? Should I handle the connection issue myself or am I missing something in the SDK?

    One more thing. I am seeing in the logs:
    WowzaGoCoderSDK: Broadcast Message: Bitrate Changed
    WowzaGoCoderSDK: Broadcast Message: Limited Bandwidth
    WowzaGoCoderSDK: Broadcast Message: Encoding Paused
    WowzaGoCoderSDK: sendAV: sendNalWithTimecode error: -1
    WowzaGoCoderSDK: Broadcast Message: Stream Error

    This is right before the onWZError gets called. On onWZEVent does display this errors, but it's only returning a string of the issue.

    SDK Version: 1.0.3 Build 365

    Thanks in advance.
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