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Thread: Minimize live stream delay

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    Default Minimize live stream delay

    I am setting up a live stream application and need to configure it so that there is minimal delay in the stream. I am currently running at 6 seconds which is too long for my application
    Could anyone please go over the fundamental requirements and any thoughts necessary to achieve this? I am only streaming to 1-3 people at a time, both audio and video. Upload speeds on my connection average 4MBPS. Server (Dell poweredge 2650 has dual xeon processors with plenty of RAM). I am using a miniDV camera with firewire.



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    Switch to the live-lowlatency stream type. You can do this by editing [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml and changing Streams/StreamType to live-lowlatency. This will help on the Wowza Pro side. The rest of the delay is most likely caused by the encoder. How are you encoding the stream? Are you using On2 Flix Live, FME or the Flash player client?

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    Default delay

    Thanks, Charlie'

    I am using FME. I made the changes as you described and things are better, but the delay is still greater than 4 sec

    Any other thoughts?

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