Hi guys,

first of all i installed the whole wowza streaming server locally. then i connected it with the flash media encoder and ... IT REALLY WORKS.

But then i tried to make all this work with a real server. So. First of all i installed the wowza media server on the linux-server of my provider. wowza was installed correctly and it worked. the test: www.meinserver.de:1935 shows me that the wowza was installed correctly. then i copied all the files i created locally before ( to the server to create the same working-environment like i have on my localhost.

i started to stream a videofile on demand first with rtmp. IT REALLY WORKS.
but then i tried to get LIVE-STREAMING work. And there is my problem. If i put in the IP-Adress of my server in the FMS-field of the flash media encoder, it says: FAILURE TO CONNECT TO PRIMARY SERVER. PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOUR SERVER-URL AND APPLICATION NAMED ARE VALID AND THAT YOUR INTERNET-CONNECTION IS WORKING AND RETRY.

does anybody know, how to solve this problem? because i really don't know what to do right now?

thank you very much

p.s. i have this wowza-server-developer-version with max. 10 viewers.