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Thread: RTSP stream to XBMC

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    Default RTSP stream to XBMC

    Im using FMLE as RTMP encoder .. Wowza 2 is trancoding this stream to RTSP .. rtsp://MY_SERVER:1935/live/STREAM_NAME .. VLC player play this stream without problems .. Im trying use XBMC ( as player .. Im testing it on Windows , and LIVE distro on Nvidia ION htpc .. On both platform XBMC start playback .. on display i see time counting .. but no audio/video on screen .. and i dont see any trafic on switch ..

    Somebody had succes with XBMC ?

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    I had installed XBMC 10.0 and it successfully play RTMP and RTSP stream from my wowza .. Thats great info !

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    Hi Pytkin,

    can you explain how you did it, pleas?



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    Yes .. Just install XBMC .. I tested it on OSX .. And LIVE installation of XBMC on ION + ATOM small hardware box ..

    Create *.strm files in Videos directory (its /home/xbmc/Videos on linux, or User/Movies on OSX) .. strm files are text files with link to wowza .. For example :

    file Mystream.strm containing :




    Start XBMC .. Go to Videos and click on stream name ..

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    Hi, I've been trying to do this on my mac, but when I click on the .strm file it simples does not work. It flashes "Working" for a second and then nothing happens.
    I'm trying to watch a live stream provided by the wowza, from the FMLE.
    The streaming in itself is working, because I can watch it on a FLV player.
    Can you help me?
    thank you.

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    Not sure what you are talking about. I don't know what a .strm file is. Please explain in great detail what you are trying to do and how specifically you are using Wowza.


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    I'm trying to do the same as Pytkin said.
    Play RTMP streaming on XBMC using Wowza as a server.

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    We do not have any experience with XBMC. So not sure we are much help. Maybe others on the forum will jump in and help.


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    Pedro : DO U use XBMC 10.0 final ? i was tested it in earlier versions and it was not works ..

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    Yes! 10.0, dharma!
    It's weird because I can watch the streaming when I play it on "Moyea FLV player"
    are you sure you don't have any other plugin?
    thank you.

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