What is AC-3?

Dolby® Digital AC-3 (Audio Codec 3) and Dolby Digital Plus (Enhanced AC-3) are audio codecs that can contain up to six channels of sound. AC-3 is a version of the Dolby® Digital audio compression technology that supports up to 48 kHz sample rates. It’s used in many popular forms of entertainment including DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, cable, broadcast, satellite TV programming, PCs, and video games. With its advanced encoding/decoding technology and multichannel audio, Dolby Digital can deliver a cinematic audio experience.

Wowza Streaming Engine™ 3.6 allows AC-3 audio from an MPEG-TS source to pass through unaltered for Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming play. This allows users to experience immersive surround-sound audio when using  playback clients such as Apple TV®, Xbox 360®, Sony PlayStation® 3 (PS3), hybrid set-top boxes, and smart TVs. 


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