What is Flash?

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that can play and stream rich media content, including animations. The Flash Player is a browser plug-in, a runtime environment for Flash applications. It is usually downloaded from Adobe and then installed on web browsers. It is often used for games, streaming video, animated presentations, and banner ads.

The term “Flash player” is also used to refer to Flash applications that have been designed to play video and audio streams. The Flash Player (the plug-in) plays Flash applications; a Flash player (an application or playback client) plays streams. Most Wowza® Media Systems documents use the term “Flash client” to refer to Flash applications involved in streaming.

In general, content producers supply Flash playback clients. These are usually files stored on the content producer’s web server (or hosted by a third party) that are requested by and served to a browser. A Flash application is usually compiled into an .swf file, stored on a web server, and then embedded in an HTML page that is loaded in a user’s browser. The Flash client running in the browser is what connects to the Wowza Streaming Engine™ software. The web server’s only role is to serve the player files to the browser. 


Wowza supports play and publishing of Flash RTMP streams and play only of HDS (Flash Dynamic Streaming) streams.

Streaming Engine software and Flash RTMP clients can interact and exchange data by using RPC (remote procedure call) commands. Streaming Engine software uses Flash RTMP applications for most interactive operations that involve streaming (such as video chat).

Many available third-party Flash players work with Streaming Engine software. <link>  And Streaming Engine software includes several Flash examples that are designed for testing and as starting or reference points for developers.

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