What is Hotlinking?

Hotlinking refers to web links that are embedded in a website for the purpose of displaying the content from another site. Showing these “borrowed” images, text, videos, etc. is illegal when the links display intellectual property that belongs to someone else.

The process of hotlinking is the same as embedding. Some web services encourage embedding and hotlinking. For instance, YouTube provides a code snippet to facilitate embedding videos from their site into your own site. The SWF Hotlinking Protection AddOn prevents other website owners from linking to assets of another web server, such as a Flash player. Without this kind of protection, users can look at the source code of your HTML page, copy the <Embed> or <Object> tag, and place that in an HTML page on their website.

More information: http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?114

More information: http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?114

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