What is Unicast Streaming?

In Unicast Streaming, each playback client is served its own stream. Unicast streams are the most common live and on-demand streaming types provided by Wowza Streaming Engine™ software. Media Server software creates a stream for each playback client; Media Server software then reflects a copy of the file or live stream to each client. For this reason, server and especially network utilization increases linearly as play load increases, so it’s critical in streaming to be aware of the stream bitrate, the peak concurrent load, and the server-side network capacity.

To scale unicast delivery of on-demand streams for large audiences, Wowza server software includes Media Cache technology (for Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, this technology is provided by the MediaCache AddOn). To scale unicast delivery of live streams for large audiences, Wowza server software is set up in a live stream repeater (origin/edge) configuration. When using these architectures, playback clients stream from edge servers that either repeat live streams from an origin server or cache on-demand assets that are stored  on a web server or network drive (NAS, NFS).

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